Davao Staycation

Davao was not in my travel wishlist but somehow, our passports led us to the Durian Capital of the Philippines couple of months ago. Yes I know it is a domestic destination per se, so what’s with passport? We needed to renew our passports and it is so difficult to get an appointment in the local city we had to look for an available schedule online, somewhere else. Lo and behold, came Davao City into the spotlight…

Day 0

We were just in Davao for 1 day, technically, so you can call this staycation and not really a travel post, spoiler alert? Surprise! Lol =)  On our first day, we checked in at Avida Towers renting a quaint condo overlooking Marco Polo Davao. Since we arrived past noon, we didn’t have much time to look around, so we generally just unpacked our things and headed to Jack’s Ridge for dinner.

Day 1

Pool Day! And photo op, haha! Before we headed to the main agenda, which was in DFA, we enjoyed a day at the outdoor pool and got some pretty decent photos below (you have to go through two paragraphs more, lol!)

Getting a passport though in actual setting was so fast compared to the process of setting an appointment online. We finished the whole steps in an hour or less. Since we could no longer make it to the direct flight back to Cebu, we opted to catch the last flight to Manila. I needed to be back to Cebu before 9am the day after, so next came the frenzy.

We arrived at NAIA past 12 midnight and had to sleep at the airport as we chanced a flight back to Cebu at 4am. There was a cancelled flight to Japan and passengers were rerouted to Cebu airport, and as chance passengers, we became so restless we might not get accommodated. Fortunately, we were the last two people granted to get on board. You could just imagine the adrenaline rush as we tried to catch the plane before it takes off.

It was quite  trip, I should say. I love their GMall, I could just do shopping whole day in Davao at GMall if I have another extra day. But if I was spared with a couple of days I would definitely go to Samal Island.

Davao City is much like Cebu and yes, I can see myself living in this place until old age. I love it and I regret not visiting this place before.

You may also check out my personal Facebook  page for more photos on this trip =)


♥, JL Arnaiz


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