Jumpsuit for Lazy Days

I am a big jumpsuit junkie for countless reasons. Yes, and as much as I want to give all those countless reasons, I can only think of three major rationales at this moment, lol =) So read along and you might just agree, or probably switch, to wearing jumpsuits on those days when you don’t feel like dressing up for the occasion.

Jumpsuit saves you from the hassle of mixing and matching. Personally, this is the biggest advantage about jumpsuit, they are already paired to perfection.

Jumpsuits are easy to wear. When you are on a hurry, you can just slip a jumpsuit and zip it if there is something to zip, and off you go =)

Jumpsuits can be worn on any occasion. If you don’t want to overdress, or underdress, jumpsuit should your default choice. You can wear it during formal or informal events without trying too hard.

There’s a downside of wearing an overall too, that is, when you go to the powder room and use the toilet, you have to take it off all the way to the bottom. It doesn’t bother me anyway.

This jumpsuit I am wearing right now is another favorite which I got from Forever21. I love the brand and I went gaga during their great mall sale a couple of weeks or so ago. Slip and go, so convenient right?

Jumpsuit – Forever21 / Bag – Forever21 / Shoes – Forever21

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