Bitou Cape

First outfit of 2019 goes to faux fur and leather ensemble! Yay! Technically though, this was taken February of 2018, like almost a year ago. Ikr? Lol!

So why did it took me almost a year to finally let go of these photos? First off, it would be totally inappropriate to post this after my vacation because it was summer as hell when I came back to my country. Came the cold season when events came pouring down I totally missed about getting all dolled up because I was catching deadlines and working on back logs. And finally, if you know me, you would realize that photo we had two years ago are yet to be posted online, haha!

And because I am that person who would usually post photos very late, I always make sure my looks are not outdated. I don’t usually stick to trends if you notice, I prefer classic pieces which I can wear regardless the era.

Leather and faux fur never go out of style. I know the combo is off the beaten track, but the pair totally get me warmed on top of this trail. You have to agree with me, this unusual mix blend together quite well.


Jacket – Calliope / Faux Fur – Lazada PH / Top – Vintage / Pants – Crissa Jeans / Boots – Lazada PH

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