Taipei Street Look

Fact: People from tropical countries always want to experience the other 3 seasons of earth (obviously that excludes summer). I am no different, nothing special nor radical.  I am a normal human being with the normal tropical girl thoughts of being able to wear coat and high boots without being ridiculed by the people around. I guess I got what I wished for, except that it was something I worked hard for, and no, I wouldn’t take it for free.

I am no expert when it comes to layering clothes, heck I am not even an expert of choosing the right summer look even if I grow up just above the equator. So this look today is the best I can come up with to match my thrifted coat. I stick to classics, always, which works to my advantage. You see, these photos are almost a year old, if I chose trends over classics, it would be totally inappropriate to talk about my look today for something that is so “last year”.

So here it is, my spring look – coat over sweater over LBD and a thigh high boots while on the busy streets of Taipei.

Coat – Thrifted / LBD – Vintage / Top – Surplus Shop / Boots – Lazada / Bag – Bershka


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