Aurate New York: Less Is More

When it comes to accessories, I have two moods: “go big or go home” and “less is more.”

When I feel boho, I go with over-sized earrings and ton- weight necklace paired with layered heavy bracelets. More often though, you would see me in my “less is more” mood – fine jewelry, stud earrings, or a necklace in fine gold chain with a statement pendant.

I am more inclined to classic polished pieces  as it complements my whole look the way makeup complements my natural features. The thing I like about having less is getting more of it in terms of pliability and quality, comfort, and net worth.

One of my favorite places to shop for accessories is AUrate New York. With 4 stores across US, AUrate New York also has an online store (to my advantage) where I can shop my heart out without a hitch.

Here are three reasons why I prefer AUrate New York pieces over other brands:

Originality By Design

AUrate New York have statement designs I can’t find anywhere else. The way they mix up classic staples is so impressive it gives me a unique feel when I wear them.

Craftmanship At Its Finest

AUrate New York does not mass create their products, so I am guaranteed of its distinctiveness. Their items are hand- made by master jewelers who spent decades honing their arts.

Quality At A Fair Price

When a gold piece is too cheap, I usually suspect it’s fake. When it’s too expensive, I also think it’s going overboard. AUrate New York collections are made from purest 14 – 18 karat gold sold in high quality at a fair price. This is definitely the place where luxury can be affordable to anyone.

Find AUrate New York‘s Online shop by clicking on this link : AUrate New York. You may also check out their social media pages in Facebook and Instagram for latest promos and updates. Also check out my Instagram page in a few weeks to see how I style my AUrate New York pieces =)


♥, JL Arnaiz

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