Spring Blossoms

20 years ago, we didn’t have the internet. No Netflix, no Facebook and no cellphones (technically cellphones exist, but very few have them). No we didn’t even have Starbucks where we can hang out. But we had those hunchback TV’s and every afternoon after school, we rushed to go home to watch our favorite anime series.

During those days, we fought against Taguro in Ghost Fighter, fell in love with a man in red kimono called Kenshin and sat under a cherry blossoms tree in Fushigi Yuugi.

Because of this influence, my life goal when I was in High School was to see a real blossoms tree. Yes, that was my goal 20 years ago. Japanese animes, I should say, romanticize cherry blossoms. And it definitely worked for me as it worked to many other people at my age who were crazy with Japanese cartoon series.

Here I am 20 years later. ‘Did not expect to see a full bloom cherry blossoms tree (and they came in bundles!) when we had our Japan vacation on a very cold winter day in February, yes, just last month. This tour just popped up in Klook after 3 days while I was in Japan so I frantically booked it and had my credit card suffer after, lol!

A word to myself from 2 decades ago: I have accomplished your goal, girl. It’s time to move on and dream new dreams.

Jacket – Calliope / top – Forever21 / Skirt – Forever21 / Boots – So Fab / Hat – H&M

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