#FeelsLikeFreedom with Avon’s Body Illusion

A perfect inner wear is like a sunshine in an early morning. It sets my mood and keeps me going all throughout the day. But more than just a ray of sunshine, inner wear is my second skin.

Inner wear helps me step up my game at work, it gives me more confidence to wear anything as a fashion enthusiast, and it helps me get things done easier as a spirited dreamer. That is why when it comes to under clothes, I am very conscientious. It’s not because I am Virgo I tend to cross the t’s and dot the i’s, but because inner wear is a support system that every woman needs regardless the roles we play to get us through the day without it getting in the way.

I never thought I could do so much more until I get to wear Avon’s Body Illusion. It is so light and comfy it truly #feelslikefreedom. True to its words, Avon‘s newest masterpiece is a breakthrough in the under clothes world like a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. Because it is so light as air, I sometimes catch myself checking if I am wearing my  bra, lol! True story =)

 Here’s what you can expect when you get Avon’s Body Illusion:

Lightweight and comfortable cups

Soft, brushed shoulder straps for easy, adjustable comfort

Silky fabric that feels like butter on the skin

Zero seams for a perfectly seamless look

With Invisilite technology that gives seamless, lightweight, comfortable support, the newest Body Illusion is the perfect foundation to any outfit that gives  the perfect silhouette confidence.

It comes in 2 choices:

Charlene Underwire

Seamless bra and panty, Charlene underwire is a 3/4 cup bra in eyeglass silhouette with ultra soft foam cups. This is the one I have right now and this uses ultra soft nylon spandex with clean cut edges that leaves no marks underneath tight clothing.

Sonia Non Wire

This is a seamless pull-on bra and panty with ultra soft fabric and moulded cups. It has amazing support without wire and has no hooks designed for maximum comfort.

Experience comfort that #FeelsLikeFreedom by following this link: bit.ly/BodyIllusionOnZalora with Zalora Philippines. You may also shop at avonshop.ph or grab a copy of their latest brochure.

♥, JL Arnaiz




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