Dark Florals

The rain is upon us, at least for a few days…

Rainy days are giving me major dysania feels. Yes, I can stay all day in my bed with just my phone and some peanuts probably. Call me clinomaniac but part of living a full life for me is staying home all day watching movies and scrolling my phone until it drains.

But we don’t usually have that kind of privilege on rainy days, do we? Unless we are born with a silver spoon and we just do the things we do whatever and whenever we feel like doing it.  So yes, we have to bring back those wandering souls back into our body and step outside the door even when the weather is calling for some extra pillows because we’ve got bills to pay eh?

But just because it’s gloomy outside doesn’t mean your outfit has to be gloomy as well, at least that’s what I tell myself when I wear this maxi floral dress with my eyes half open as I get inside the car.

Florals are not all summer and fun, florals can be gothic and dark too. So if you find yourself wanting to wear florals but not really in the mood to be flashy and quirky, don’t hold back.

Dress – Lazada / Sandals – Celine

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