The Green Thing

“What is your favorite color?”

This remains to be one of the hardest questions for me. What color do I really like? I don’t know exactly. All I know is I love colors, vibrant things, and I also like dark hues.

Someone used to tell me I am fond of green. If you ask my husband, he would tell you the same thing. My Instagram feed could not very well validate that statement, but if you ask me, I prefer mountains over beaches. Beach can be nice for IG but I still go for fresh air and trees over waves. Given that argument, I would probably agree green is one of my favorite colors.

So what’s with this green talk and why am I pushing this idea so hard right now? I guess I need healing (literally), green after all represents healing and growth. I fell off the stair 3 days ago and sprained my ankle badly. At this point I still could not walk with my left foot and I am desperate to recover.

I guess the whole point of this post is me calling upon all the invisible powers that green possess, to heal me with my sprain so I could go back to my normal routine. So just disregard the first two paragraphs (I was just blabbing) and just help me invoke the powers of green, can we do that? Lol! =)

Jumpsuit – Guess / Hat – Yoyoso / Earrings – Divisoria

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