Satin + Linen

Blazers on shorts, red tie with sneakers, satin and linen… Not much of a stereotype combo when we talk about style etiquette, but they sure look great when paired. Thanks God we live in a generation where we don’t have to match the color of our bag with our shoes.

While I may be into shorts almost everyday of my entire 34 years in this planet, this is actually my first pair of wide linen shorts; and it feels so appropriate to pair it with this satin, rather ‘corporate’ top.

Here’s the thing, I got this top and shorts for less than Php 1,000 each, and they’re all Marks and Spencer, legit! I got this Marks and Spencer Gift Certificate which I won during our anniversary dinner with Cebu Fashion Bloggers family, just in time for their end of season sale, hence the great deal.

Not my usual combo, but here it is – my Satin + Linen ensemble with Marks and Spencer pieces…

   Top – Marks and Spencer / Shorts – Marks and Spencer / Shoes – Forever21 / Bag – Jellie Marie


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