I am feeling a little down today, as I was yesterday and the other day. The reason is a little crazy, no, totally crazy… A little curious?

Well, I was watching a 51 – episode TV series with over 2 hours per episode and finished it within just a week. Somehow I got caught up with the series and the overwhelming sadness and pain, I feel like going into a bit of depression, crazy right? Haha! When I fangirl, I fangirl so hard I lost in touch with reality, and this series is especially painful because the redemption came in on the last 25 minutes of the final (2 hour) episode. See how crazy I sound right now?

So now as you might have guessed, I need a little sunshine to clear my mind and get back to reality. I can’t believe I am actually writing about these crazy thoughts in my mind. But no, you can’t blame me, there are actually more lunatics out there than me. And they actually invited to their fan group which I declined because I might just totally lose my mind and fly to Turkey and pursue a fangirl career. Not bad huh? Lol!

So I’m just going to swing here for a little while and throw my insane, groundless pain to the sea until I get back into my senses eh? Hahah!

Dress – Thrifted / Sandals – Vintage / Earrings – Ayala Mall

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