It’s funny how a person can make us happy or angry, or how the weather can make or break our day, or how we interpret our moods and our emotions with what we wear,and the colors we choose to wear. Yes, colors…

While you may see me wearing black and white on my casual days, also known as my every “days”, my social media and my blog show a totally different me – the vibrant, colorful me…. and it’s still me!

Yes I love neutrals as much as I love black and white as much as I love colorful ensembles, whatever the mood of the day is. And that is what I love about fashion. It allows us to recreate our feelings and our deep thoughts into something tangible, something that we can see and appreciate physically. If poetry is about writing and expressing the emotions, fashion is about dressing up our emotions.

I guess it’s pretty easy to guess what emotion I have here today by the looks of it. No poetic verses or fancy sonnets, no rhymes nor odes needed, just a little pop of color on a rather gloomy day to show you that I am ready to shine as I make my way through the day 😊

Dress – Thrifted / Sandals – Vintage / Earrings – Ayala Mall

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