JL Arnaiz x Let’s Stylize: Brick and Blush

I was always on a hunt for that perfect pastel bottom. I had 3 pink pants for the last 3 months and they never had the seamless fit that I was looking for. Then came along Let’s Stylize when I least expected it, and presented me this pair of pastel pants like they are custom made for me, length and size – wise.

How to Style A Pastel Bottom

A lot of my acquaintances call me the Queen of Colors because I love colors and anything vibrant, and I am not afraid to mix and match pieces of different hues. While I am not Blaire Eadie in terms of risk and luxury, my fondness for color blocking got me hooked since 2012, the year when I started blogging, the same year when color blocking was everything.

Mix it with the same color family. In this look, I paired my blushed pants with a darker top on the same color family, hence brick and blush as indicated in the subject.

Pastel over pastel. Pink pants and lavender top?  Cool. Pink pants with sky blue or light denim jacket? Why not? Pastel on pastel gives a fresh and young vibe.

Pair it with the classics. And when I say classics, I mean black and white. If you want to play it safe, you can always bank on black or white top (or black and white prints) to create contrast. Bold color and soft hues would be just as perfect.

You might want to share your personal tips too on how you style your pastel pants. If you do, please hit the comments below =)


Top – Thrifted / Pants – Let’s Stylize / Necklace – Floreia / Shoes – So Fab



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