Work From Home….

No, I am not one of them. I am one of those “no work, no pay” leaguebecause I have already exhausted my remaining vacation leave allocation. And no, I haven’t heard anything from the government except from a month ago or so when they gave us 5 canned goods and a kilo of rice. Nope, not complaining, and no plans of ranting online 😅.  And yes, I am doing my part in staying at home hoping everyone will do the same so we can contain this pandemic once and for all.

Today’s outfit post however is a tribute to those who are working from home. Together with Let’s Stylize, we heed to the challenge of dressing up while working from home. The new norm after all is a corporate top and a homey bottom for those who work from home during this crisis.

So here’s my #LetsStylizeWorkFromHomeOutfit featuring my Let’s Stylize sweater paired with a blush blazer, and a flouncy pair of shorts to wrap the look.

Sweater – Let’s Stylize / Blazer – Thrifted / Shorts – Vintage

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