The Scarf Trend

By now I guess you already have at least one scarf top in your closet. I got mine courtesy of Let’s Stylize earlier this year. These photos were taken before the lockdown March  this year and since then, I can’t stop wearing it at home while on quarantine because it’s summer perfect.

Even with the global pandemic, summer staples and trends are still evident on social medias. These trends include eyelet swatches, sporty ensembles (especially when you are on quarantine) and scarf tops. Scarf top is a must- have because of its versatility. Its multi functional advantage gives you different looks with just one piece.

The easiest way to wear it is to drape it tube style and tie it from the back just like what I did from the photos below. But you can also wear it halter style with cowl neckline and fasten it behind your nape, or you can tie it on a necklace with an inverted V neckline. You can also wear it as a bandana or have it served its main purpose and use it primarily as a scarf.

For that best feeling, go bra-less, just like what I did with this look…

Top – Let’s Stylize / Pants – Thrifted / Shoes – Thrifted / Shades – Parkmall / Accessories – SM Department Store

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