Prime Base

During the four-month hiatus due to the pandemic, we shifted to different means of entertainment while staying at home. While I don’t collect succulents or learn new talents like cooking, I was more into the lazy kind of quarantee-ing, the one that stays on the bed all day watching Netflix and Dramacool. And I watch a lot of Korean and Chinese series if you ask.

I guess watching too many of CDrama made me realize that the best way to wear a miniskirt is to pair it with an extra long top, and make sure the top goes beyond the skirt (case in point: watch Lucky’s First Love CDrama and you see this trend big time, or watch Chinese version of Tiktok and check out their Chinese Street Style videos).

Putting this learning into style, I decided to wear my buttoned down shirt with this pleated miniskirt I got from Let’s Stylize for some milk tea sesh with hubby. I chose the prime colors for my base look – less the yellow. Instead of red, I opted for maroon, and instead of blue, I went for steel blue. Overall, I love the idea of my red top peeping through my miniskirt. Here’s more photos on the end result and tell me if you love it like I do!

Top – Thrifted / Skirt – Let’s Stylize / Shoes – / Bag – Let’s Stylize / Sunnies – Parfois / Shoes – So Fab / Earrings – Vintage

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